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Breed: Quarter Horse 

Color: Strawberry Roan 


A little bit about me:

I've been at HRBS since March 2015, and I'm already one of my mom's favorites. She thinks I was an orphan, and that I was raised by humans. This means I don't really have any horsey friends, but I love to snuggle with people! I'm always first to come when she calls, sometimes I'm even waiting at the gate for her. 

I can do some tricks. I've gotten really good at laying down, I even let my mom sit on me while I stand up. 

I get really anxious with strangers riding me, so currently I am only ridden by my mom, but I love the long distance trail rides the best. I am not keen on going slow and I found out this fall that I am a natural "cowgirl". Mom loved my enthusiasum and obedience during the fall cow round up. I thought that ride was one of the best ones this year.