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Breed: Appaloosa

Colour: White with Brown spots 


A little bit about me:

You like polka dots? I have lots! I am the herd's class clown. I love to play and put a smile on your face. I like hats and lead ropes and most of all your behind when you clean out my hooves. Because of my harsh past I am grumpy in the stall, but don't let that fool you; I am a sweetheart to ride... So willing to give you what you want.

I am great on trails, even in lessons, but not for beginners of course. Everyone loves me for my down to earth personality. Also, because I kinda act like a kid... :)  They all think I can be too smart for my own good at times. I personally think it's great. My best feature by far is my cute little heart spot on my girth.