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Meet our reliable and enthusiastic not-so-little herd!


Some of our horses are most comfortable on winding trails, while others just love to teach the kids how to ride in our indoor or outdoor arena. Some like to teach lessons to beginners and some prefer to tear around barrels... see why we need so many horses? Laughing
Some end up not liking being handled and/or ridden by many different people or they simply don't thrive in a large herd. For those horses, we find better suited homes.
Please bear with us as we update this page. There have been lots of changes in our lineup!

Breed: Appaloosa

Colour: Leopard Spotted Appaloosa


A little bit about me:

Mom says I'm a real character with a lot of heart! I've got very small eyes which make me stand out, and a gorgeous flowing mane that I love to have groomed and braided. I came to Honora Bay Riding Stable with my mummy in early 2018. I was not an easy horse to ride when I got here - I had a lot of confidence issues, but with a lot of hard work and training Kyla is teaching me to be a great mount for our more advanced riders in the summer. I'm what you'd call an "in-your-pocket horse," I loooove people. I look forward to meeting y'all this summer!


Breed: Registered Paint

Colour: Paint

Registered Name: My Macho Sensational


A little bit about me:

Bubbles was purchased to be a camp horse for children, however in the summer of 2017 Kyla found herself without a horse to work on for reining and like that Bubbles was her new project! Bubbles had had the least amount of training and so she took him on, and over time she very quickly realized what an amazing young horse she had on her hands. Bubbles is talented, he is quiet, he is gentle, he loves people, and there is not a malicious bone in his body. Bubbles is easy to ride and he is very quickly becoming one of the most advanced riding horses at Honora Bay Riding Stable. Bubbles is genuinely talented and is schooling in reining and he loves every second of it. He is also fantastic at trail rides because he is one brave boy and tries really hard to please his rider. We hope you'll come say hello to Bubbles this summer!


Breed: Quarter Horse

Colour: Black

A little bit about me: 

I came to HBRS in the spring of 2017 and there was lots of me to love! I was a very overweight little horse but I quickly won the heart of Halie (one of the staff members here) and she has worked really hard to try and keep me in tip top shape! We go on all sorts of adventures and have done lots of clinics and lessons together. You can definitely tell that I’m her favourite and I am no doubt spoiled with attention and love! Out on the trails I am quiet as ever; nothing phases me at all, which makes me extremely safe for beginners and children. I’m loving my new job and life here at the stable and I’ll be waiting to take you out on our beautiful trails this summer!