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Meet our reliable and enthusiastic not-so-little herd!


Some of our horses are most comfortable on winding trails while others just love to teach the kids how to ride in our indoor or outdoor arena. Some like to jump and some prefer to tear around barrels... see why we need so many horses? Laughing
And others, still, end up not liking being handled and/or ridden by many different people or, they simply don't thrive in a large herd. For those horses, we find better suited homes.
Please bear with us as we update this page. There have been lots of changes in our lineup and we're working on getting the new horses on the website.




I joined the herd in the summer of 2016 and I’ve been a favorite ever since. I love taking care of new riders. They can trust me while they’re figuring things out, I make them feel safe. That’s probably why I’m perfect for obstacle challenges. I try my best to do what they ask me to, even if it’s scary. I don’t just teach lessons, though. I love a good trail ride!



Breed: Miniature

Color: Silver Buckskin


A little bit about me: The big horses may be scared of me, but I'm not sure why. I may be little, but I'm very friendly. I love to have people pet me. Sometimes I even let them paint me. Stop by and say hello soon!


Lil Dude

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Red Roan


A little bit about me:

I came to HBRS for training in the spring of 2016, and Kyla loves me so much she is going to buy me! I can see why, though. It would be hard not to love me, I'm kind of perfect. And who can say no to a red roan?



Breed: Pony

Color: Paint


A little bit about me:

I was sent to HBRS after being rescued. I have a lot of what people like to call 'ponitude', but I'm working on that. As long as I'm on my best behavior, I will be joining the summer camp horses this summer.