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kylaDouble Gold certified Chris Irwin Trainer and energetic riding coach extraordinaire... Read more »

299 Honora Bay Road, RR#1
Little Current, Ontario
P0P 1K0 Canada

Telephone: 705.368.6032 or 705.368.6072

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please remember that we cannot respond to emails while mounted on a horse...
and we ride all day



Meet your Host & Coach

Kylan Jansen - Honora Bay Riding Stable

Meet Kyla Jansen, Double Gold certified Chris Irwin Trainer, CHA level 4 certified English and Western riding instructor, self professed horse fanatic and riding coach extraordinaire Laughing

Kyla is the proud owner of Honora Bay Riding Stable and its 30-some horses, as well as "Nugget", her faithful canine companion. When she's not busy guiding trail rides, you'll find her teaching riding lessons, mucking stalls, fixing fences, stacking hay, cutting trails, doing her own farrier work... and the list goes on.

Kyla is also a vital part of a growing equine community on Manitoulin Island. Often using her own resources, Kyla brings other coaches and trainers to the island, continues her involvement with the pony club and organizes events such as first aid courses, saddle fitting clinics and horse shows, both Western and English.

You will undoubtedly get to meet Kyla when you are visiting the stable.

We hope to see you soon!

HBRS Horse Shows

We love to host shows and clinics and thoroughly enjoy the friendly competition!


Here are a few guidelines so that we all can ride safely:


  • To help offset the additional insurance costs, we require that all participants be members of the Honora Bay Riding Club. This membership carries a one time annual fee of $25/member or $40 for a family. Individual fees for judges, etc. are due on a per event basis.
  • If you are bringing your horse, please provide proof of either OEF membership or other Liability Insurance at time of registration.
  • Please present proof of vaccination for Influenza, Rhino and either a negative Strangles blood test, or Strangles Vaccine BEFORE unloading your horse.
  • If you plan to stay overnight please book ahead. Stall rentals are $20/day. Please bring your own hay.

  • If you are not bringing your own horse, you may rent one of ours for your event; horse rental fee is $35/day.
  • As always, helmets are mandatory.






Q: What does a Horse Show at Honora Bay Riding Stable cost?

A: Annual HBRS Riding Club Membership: $25/person or $40/family

$5.00 for every event you are competing in.



Q: Can I bring my own horse?

A: Absolutely, you can bring your own horse.

You will have to provide proof of either OEF insurance or liability insurance through your home, as well as a vet record of vaccination for Influenza, Rhino and either a negative strangles blood test, or strangles vaccine. Please do not load your horse off the trailer before presenting your documents.

Or, you may rent one of our horses to ride in a show - the fee is $35/day.



Q: What are the levels of riding?

A: All levels of riding will be accepted, from beginner to advanced, however HBRS reserves the right to limit the lead line classes depending on the  participants.


Q: What type of events can I expect?


English Show


A: English Shows will have Equitation Classes, HunterClasses, Dressage, and some Jumping Classes.

EQUITATION:  Here, only the rider is judged, including his or her position on the flat and over fences and overall effectiveness while riding.  The horse does not have to exhibit perfect movement or jumping form, but it needs good manners and an attractive way of going that does not detract from the rider's performance.

HUNTER CLASSES: Here, the horse and/or the achievement of the goal (e.g.clearing the jump) is judged. Hunter classes can be either on the flat or over fences. 

DRESSAGE: You will ride a 'Dressage Test' which you and your horse will have practiced before the show and which you will hand to the judge prior to your ride. Ideally, you should memorize the pattern of your test but you can have the instructions called out to you during your ride. 

JUMPING CLASSES: In both, Stadium Jumping or Cross Country, accuracy and speed will determine the winner.


Q: What do I wear?

A: Western shows require western shirts, jeans and proper footwear (boots with a heel).

English classes require blouses, jackets, breeches and riding boots.  

Helmets are MANDATORY in all events at all times.




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