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Meet our reliable and enthusiastic not-so-little herd!


Some of our horses are most comfortable on winding trails, while others just love to teach the kids how to ride in our indoor or outdoor arena. Some like to teach lessons to beginners and some prefer to tear around barrels... see why we need so many horses? Laughing
Some end up not liking being handled and/or ridden by many different people or they simply don't thrive in a large herd. For those horses, we find better suited homes.
Please bear with us as we update this page. There have been lots of changes in our lineup!

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Breed: Quarter Horse/x
Colour: Sorrel with small blaze, hind stockings and front socks


A little bit about me:

I was born on March 4th, 1984 and am the herd matriarch. I was the beginning of Kyla's horse career and have been her best friend for over 29 years. I will always be her favourite (*shhh - don't tell the other horses) even now that I am living out my retirement at Honora Bay Riding Stable.

There seem to be some rumors about me being a temperamental horse because I only allow few people to handle me... but really, I much prefer the term 'assertive'.

Either way, I am the boss of the herd and everyone knows it!


 We sadly lost our beloved Angel in the fall of 2017 at the age of 33.

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Breed: Quarter Horse
Colour: Golden Palamino with blaze and four stockings


A little bit about me: 
I am Honora Bay Riding Stable's handsome Palomino Quarter Horse Stallion. I have a friendly, easy going personality and can be handled by anyone.  I am of beautiful golden colour, which I have passed on to many of my offspring here at the stable. My foals who are still at HBRS include MhariRansom, Stetson, and Aspen.

Forget what you've heard about stallions and come say Hello when you're here visiting!

We tragically lost our beloved Outlaw in Novemeber 2014, his remaining offspring mean the world to us.